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  • Crystal Rhinestone Handle Lash/ Mascara Brush - Lash Bar Kollection, mascara brush, eyelash brush,  eyelash, eyelashes, eyebrows, clumpy brows, brows, eyebrows, bristled brush, make up, make up brush
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Lash Bar Kollection

Crystal Rhinestone Handle Lash Brush

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Unleash the sparkle in your lashes with our Crystal Rhinestone Handle Lash Brush - a touch of luxury for every flutter.

Introducing our latest addition to your vanity essentials, the Crystal Rhinestone Handle Lash Brush! Perfectly designed with a luxurious handle made of dazzling pink rhinestones that sparkle effortlessly in any light. Not only it is aesthetically pleasing on your dressing table, but also an effective tool for keeping your eyelashes clump-free and perfectly separated. Made with high-quality bristles that are gentle on your eyes and sturdy enough to last you a long time. This Crystal Rhinestone Lash Brush allows for precise application of mascaras, be it volumizing or lengthening ones.

• The Crystal Rhinestone Handle Lash Brush adds a touch of glamour to your makeup routine.
• It's soft bristles are gentle on lashes, making it perfect for daily use.
•The brush's ergonomic design allows for easy and precise application of mascara.
•With its durable construction, this lash brush is a long-lasting addition to any beauty collection.

Pamper yourself with this glamorous makeup accessory today!

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