Jewelry Care

Thank you for interest in our 18k gold plated tarnish-free jewelry pieces. You may have been disappointed in the past about your jewelry pieces turning your arms/wrists green. No longer will you be disappointed because at Lash Bar Kollection our pieces are made with quality material to last long with the proper care.

Our pieces are made with stainless-steel material which is made of the highest quality, and they are tarnish-free, which means that they can be worn daily without the color fading.

It is essential that you take care of your jewelry, so here are a few tips for your wear and protection of your jewelry to keep it looking brand new.

Jewelry Care

Sweat & Heat: Avoid wearing your jewelry in excessive heat, like in the sauna.

Chemicals: Avoid contact with beauty products such as chlorine, perfume, hairspray, skin lotion, or other cosmetics. These products can contain chemicals that can permanently damage your jewelry. Your jewelry should be one of the last things you put on when getting dressed.

Shower, Bathing & Swimming: While it is ok to get your jewelry wet, we suggest avoid wearing your jewelry in the bath, shower, or when washing your hands. It is also best that when entering a chlorinated swimming pool or before using household products that you remove your jewelry. Chlorine and other common household products, especially bleach, may permanently your jewelry.

Removal: We suggest you remove your jewelry before taking off your clothes. This will help to ensure that your jewelry won’t get tangled or damaged. 

Storage: Because exposure to the simplest things like moisture in the air can wear down your jewels, it’s important to store them properly. All jewelry  purchases comes with a complimentary twill cotton jewelry bag and a Lash Bar Kollection jewelry microfiber cloth- use this to keep your jewelry protected from scratches and chips. Tossing your jewelry into a drawer or on top of a dresser can lead to scratches or damaged pieces. Please be sure to store your jewelry away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning: After wearing your jewelry we advise you to use our complimentary jewelry microfiber cloth which is free of chemicals and gently wipe gently wipe to remove any dirt or oils. We do no recommended to use any jewelry polishing cloths or cleaners on plated jewelry as they will rub off the plating.

Treat your jewelry with love and care so that they’ll be in the best condition ever!

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