What are stack bracelets? 

What are stack bracelets? 

Stacking bracelets is a trend whereby people wear more than one bracelet on the same wrist. Often grouped with commonalities, you would see many women wearing about 2-4 bracelets together. 


Our Bianca Bracelet Set is considered a bracelet stack or rather stack bracelet set. Because there are 3 gold plated bracelets together. You would find the Belt Buckle Bracelet, Spiral Bracelet and the Roman Bracelet coming together to make a statement. This set style is mostly worn on a Friday night after work lime. 


Our Maya Link, Lock Bracelet and Diamond Bracelet is another combo that goes together beautifully as a stack bracelet set. Ladies love to wear this combo on a Movie Date Night. The diamonds send a clear message and the recipient hears it loud and clear. 


These sets are all strands of individual bracelets so you can wear them all together or mix and match with your outfit of the day. If you love to layer our jewelry – especially our bracelets, then you are at the right place.

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