The (4) Don't of Wearing False Lashes

The (4) Don't of Wearing False Lashes

1) False lashes may be a bit intimidating and extremely difficult to put on and off but once you get the feel of false lashes you may never want to consider giving them up. False lashes will make you feel more confident to help you elevate your look.  However, if it’s your first-time wearing lashes, although there are many styles to choose from, we recommend that you do not pick a lash style that is too dramatic. Fuller/ thicker lashes may be too heavy if it’s your first time and you want to ensure that you are able to get a feel and adjust to having a “foreign object” on your lashes.


(2) Never wear your lashes without measuring the false lash to your lash line. To ensure the lash will fit your eyes perfectly and to get the right fit, hold the lash strip with the lash applicator on top of your lash line and measure, be sure to trim the lash to a desirable/ suitable length.


(3) Never use hair glue to apply your false lashes because it is too strong for use on your eyelashes, and it is not intended for that purpose. The hair glue has harsh/ irritating chemicals, and it will irritate you and if used you may begin to lose a lot of your natural lashes. Instead, use our Lash Bar Kollection 2-in-1 lash adhesive/ liner. It’s safe, vegan and long- lasting. A little goes a long way!


(4) Do not rip off your lashes because it can cause damage to your natural lashes and leave you with sparse lashes. Constantly pulling them off may also result in permanent hair loss and irreversible damage. Get a Q-tip, Dip the Q-tip in oil-free make remover and dap/run the Q-tip across the top of the lash line, wait a few minutes and gently remove the false lash from your lash line.

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