How to pick your lashes

How to pick your lashes

Wearing false eyelashes can enhance your eye shape to give you longer and fuller lashes that you’ve always wanted. 

Just like choosing the perfect shoe to go with your outfit…choosing the perfect lash to go with a certain hairstyle or to match your eye shape can change the shape of your eyes completely. 

Wearing false eyelashes shouldn’t be intimidating or just reserved for special events/ holidays. 

Every lash is different and it’s important to pick one that will enhance your own look. 

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When choosing the perfect lash we have many options to choose from so there’s no need to worry. Whether you want the short, basic everyday lash or the dramatic full lash we have the perfect products to suit your needs! 

If you’re looking for a natural lash, the Dream lashes are perfect for you. They are light and fluffy and perfect for everyday use. Show off your stash of lashes while wearing this pair, open your eyes and dream big with this 13mm mink lash stylish selection. 

Be hopeful and aspire to look your best.

If you’re looking for long and dramatic lashes the Eva lashes will elevate your style and bring your eyes to life. These 25mm mink lashes will give you the dramatic appearance to give you that lively look!

If it’s your first time wearing lashes do not pick a lash style that is too dramatic. 

Never wear your lashes without measuring the false lash to your lash line to ensure the lash will fit your eyes perfectly.

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