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Do you prefer a short natural lash or a long dramatic lash?

Whether you want a natural-looking lash or a long dramatic lash, both are great to wear depending on your mood, style, and comfort. 

The short everyday lash styles like our Epic & Dream mink lashes are more of a natural look and best if want to add a little volume to your natural lashes. It's perfect if want to wear them every day during the week, on the weekends or even while wearing glasses/shades. 

The long dramatic lash styles like our Karma, Eva & Symphoni mink lashes are longer & thicker lashes which are more eye-catching. It's perfect if you want to make a statement when going to social events, girls’ night out, quincenera or a most popular choice amongst women getting married or when attending wedding events.  

Whether you’re wearing a natural lash or the dramatic lash the length of the lashes is one of the most important factors before deciding which type of lashes is right for you. The best part about wearing mink or faux mink lashes is that you have so much versatility. You can switch up your lash style whenever you need to depending on the look you are trying to go for.

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